Please Help Me to Buy a Laptop

Eee PC is not dead — the converter took the hit — huge relief. In spite of this great news, I still need to buy a laptop. My Toshiba, at the ripe old age of four is being retired. Hard to believe that when I bought it, it was the top of the line (11 heavy pounds) and I spent $2400 😦 Today the battery is dead, the power cord is shot and it sits on my table like a piece of antique art.

Buying a new computer is not an easy thing to do because there are so many of them out there. I prefer not to spend more than $1200 Canadian dollars, but would rather spend less. I use my laptop for email, working, researching, photos, music (torrents) and watching movies. No gaming. My question to all of you: I am thinking of the Dell XPS M13 30. If you know anything about this computer, good or bad, please post in comments. Alternately, if you can suggest a good notebook let me know.
Thanks in advance



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3 responses to “Please Help Me to Buy a Laptop

  1. Thanks for providing information for me

  2. I can not say you should or should not get a certain kind of computer, rather, I can give you some information on them to help you make the best decision for your preferences.

    I personally prefer a Desktop PC over a laptop myself, I feel like i’m gonna break the darn things.

    Laptops now days are, for the most part, becoming proprietary. Even two different models of the same brand can differ greatly where as Desktop PC’s can interchange nearly anything.

    Dell’s have great customer service from what I hear. My uncle uses them in a commercial environment and he is extremely satisfied with them.

    You have the Sony Vaio – comes with a lot of bells and whistles. Decent computer, I would prefer this one myself.

    You also have the Apple iBooks….take a look at

    That this is hardly even an inch thick!

    Hp, Toshiba and Acer I have seen some bad problems with when it comes to restoring windows. I find their extra software things to be kind of ‘not thought out all the way through’.

    If you have any specific questions I would be happy to answer them for you!

    • I have looked at and not ruled out the sony. Because I travel so much, I kind of liked the Dell because it is light-weight and slim — the eye candy of PCs. I had a Toshiba and it had numerous problems. I have a great desktop at home, so the laptop will only be used when I am out and about. Not a big Apple fan…
      Still looking and keeping an open mind.

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