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Rant — Clear Your Sidewalks

Ice Art -- only pretty on windows not sidewalks

Ice Art -- only pretty on windows not sidewalks

Last night I had to walk home from a friend’s place. It was late and cold, but my friend only lives seven blocks away and I’ve done this many times before. Usually it takes about 14 minutes, but it took double that time because only 50 percent of the people living in this neighborhood cleared the massive amounts of snow from their sidewalks. I know snow is a pain in the butt and something we are not used to and I realize my rubber boots aren’t the best for winter wandering, but couldn’t you please just make a small effort with your brooms or snow shovels or garden spades to clear a tiny track for those of us who can’t or won’t drive around in the snow?

It’s supposed to freeze on Friday with predicted temps dropping to minus 9, so a little salt might be a good idea. Stongs has bags of it, and it makes a huge difference for walkers. Consider shoveling a random act of kindness, besides you might lose some of those extra Christmas pounds…and you won’t hear anyone swearing at one in the morning as they crawl over the sheet ice outside of your house or skid down your stairs after a few glasses of wine.

Thanks in advance…


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