OMG — Gmail Has Crashed

I have no less than five email accounts and they are all gmail. For some reason I have always believed gmail to be crash-proof. I have been proven wrong…I can’t access any of my accounts or more importantly, my docs and this makes me realize how vulnerable I am. Honestly, if gmail was down for days on end, I couldn’t work. What do the rest of you gmailers use to back up your gmail?

If I wanted to dominate the world, I’d hack into gmail and sit back and laugh while global confusion ensues. Somehow this makes more sense than “Old Fashioned War.”Spiralling down



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2 responses to “OMG — Gmail Has Crashed

  1. Lori Carter

    I hope your gmail is up and running again. I emailed you about being in Vancouver today. Hope we get to have a visit.

  2. I got a little green beaker and have enabled the offlne option — I will let you all know what I think, but for now I feel a lot better about accessing my gmai no matter what. My livelihood depends on gmail — I have four active accounts and one inactive that I opened because I wanted to claim my name, not that there seem to be too many julie burtinshaws in the world.

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