Update on Miss Julie at the Playhouse

I took my daughter to see Miss Julie last night. It is a one act play, about an hour and a half long and no intermission. From the moment the play opened until the end, we were both riveted by the unfolding story, the intensity of the plot and the ability of the three actors to transport us back in time to a world even more tainted by inequities between gender and race than the one we live in today.

I was thrilled to get the opportunity to talk at some length with the Director and Playwright, Stephen Sachs. So glad I didn’t read his bio first or I would have been totally intimidated by his accomplishments as a creator and would not have approached him at all. Luckily, I didn’t give it a second thought when he mentioned being from the City of Angels and we had a long chat about the sensibilities in his characters so evident in his translation of this play.

I told him all about the Black American Migration from California to Victoria and Saltspring Island, and like everyone else I meet, he was unaware but fascinated by this story – the story that The Freedom of Jenny is based on. Who knows, perhaps one day he’d like to turn this incredible piece of our shared history into a stage production? And if he doesn’t it was still incredible to be able to exchange ideas with him.

All that schmoozing can get to you after a while, but it seemed to me that Stephen Sachs was pleased by the enthusiasm of the audience and somewhat excited about an early morning departure back to the land of sunshine, palm trees and movie star politicians.

Loved to see the playhouse house full. It’s great to be surrounded by people who support the arts. Do your bit. See the play.


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