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Blog Blocked and Takin’ it Easy

I have not blogged for a long time and I know this is death for a blogger…I am not sure why this happened == I did get a new computer and it is a MacBook. I have to admit that it has taken a few weeks for me to decide if I should keep it, or return it to London Drugs and find a PC.

I have decided to keep my little MacBook, although switching between my desktop and Mac can be confusing at times. Little Mac is lightweight and easy to use, although I suck at the photo program and might end up with Picassa again, but it is a challenge to learn to use iPhoto and I love a challenge.

Since I last wrote, I’ve been to Cuba — Ola — no pictures yet :), but was it ever super great to be warm for a while. I think the highlight was Havana, but I totally enjoyed the all-inclusive hotel in the tourist area — first time I’ve ever done that and I may never do it again, but Holy Pina Colada, it was excellent not to shop, plan meals or think about anything except for my book and the warm sea.

I took a manuscript to work on, but didn’t. I did manage to log on to the slowest Internet in the world to edit my suite101 articles, but apart from that I had a big big break from life.

So, perhaps I am back to blogging. Hope so.


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