Blog Blocked and Takin’ it Easy

I have not blogged for a long time and I know this is death for a blogger…I am not sure why this happened == I did get a new computer and it is a MacBook. I have to admit that it has taken a few weeks for me to decide if I should keep it, or return it to London Drugs and find a PC.

I have decided to keep my little MacBook, although switching between my desktop and Mac can be confusing at times. Little Mac is lightweight and easy to use, although I suck at the photo program and might end up with Picassa again, but it is a challenge to learn to use iPhoto and I love a challenge.

Since I last wrote, I’ve been to Cuba — Ola — no pictures yet :), but was it ever super great to be warm for a while. I think the highlight was Havana, but I totally enjoyed the all-inclusive hotel in the tourist area — first time I’ve ever done that and I may never do it again, but Holy Pina Colada, it was excellent not to shop, plan meals or think about anything except for my book and the warm sea.

I took a manuscript to work on, but didn’t. I did manage to log on to the slowest Internet in the world to edit my suite101 articles, but apart from that I had a big big break from life.

So, perhaps I am back to blogging. Hope so.


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2 responses to “Blog Blocked and Takin’ it Easy

  1. David T

    Come back to Blogland Julie. There are hordes of cyber fans waiiting for you to get back on track, This past year you seem to have been constantly travelling, perhaps its the accumulated jet lag that is blocking you.


  2. That’s encouraging — At least i have one crazy blog fan…I have been away a lot in the last six months — now the snow is gone so I can stick around.

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