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Things Little Known: March 4th is National Grammar Day

I am on Mignon Fogarty’s email list and I love the tips and tricks about grammar that I receive in my inbox on a daily basis. If you are a writer or lover of language I recommend that you sign up for her emails — they are entertaining and informative and every so often I learn something I really didn’t know. For example, today is National Grammar Day. Check out the National Grammar Day Blog to find out which city in America and which celebrity has received the SPOOG Award for the Worst Grammar of 2008.

I guessed the celebrity and I bet you can too. Just in case you are at a loss, here is a hint:
“They misunderestimated me”


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I Have the Flu

Even my skin hurts. It is at times like this that I am soooo glad that I work at home. I could never go into an office. I can’t even contemplate getting dressed or brushing my hair — even that is painful. I think Rosie gave me the flu, but I still adore her.

The only good thing is that I have no appetite so maybe it doesn’t matter that I can’t go to the gym or ride my bike. In spite of this, I am working on my book and doing loads of editing for other people. I have a big dinner here on Friday night with my girlfriends from CHS — one of whom is here from England to collect an award for “Alumni of the Year.”

Susan is CEO of Emergent Asset Management Company — their fund has averaged 29% while other funds around the world are tanking…

I have some amazing friends…


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