I Did It! Kept my Longweekend Promise to Myself

I have not opened my computer since Friday at noon. Instead, I have been on my bike, watched movies, gardened and buried myself in a book. I’ve eaten out, rented movies, slept in and eaten a whole carton of chocolate chunk Hagen Das.
I’ve had the whole weekend to myself and in spite of a few lonely moments, I feel completely revived and ready to work. It really was a challenge for me not to go near a computer. I even used a map to get to an unknown location, and a recipe book to cook my pasta dinner last night. Meanwhile, my head is full of ideas for the book I am working on — it’s going to be about suicide, so I’m not yet sure if it will work out. As James says, “Yippee another happy subject, Mum!” Still, just ’cause my books are a little dark, doesn’t mean that I am. Exactly the opposite actually.

I put all of my energy into ripping up half of the front garden. After I’d got rid of all of the weeds, I planted a red Japanese Willow tree and some wild grasses. Today, I hurt from all of that excavating and the garden is still a mess, but I have a vision for it now. This is a miracle. Most of my creative energy goes into writing, so I didn’t know I could actually create (or attempt to) a new garden.

To finish off the long weekend, I am going for a pedicure and a manicure — get rid of all of that dirt under the fingernails. What luxury!


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