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Suite101.com Editor’s Retreat, Evil Neighbours and Kitty

This weekend, suites’ sweet editors fly in from all over the world for two and a half days of discussion, learning, brainstorming and hopefully eating lots of fresh west coast food.
Yup – winter is over and it’s time for our annual Editor’s Retreat. I look forward to this weekend all year. We learn so much about online writing, SEO, communications and each other over this weekend of work, and perhaps some play.
I’ll be back at my computer on Monday with a whole new excitement level (if that’s possible).
The only dark cloud to the whole weekend is that my neighbours evil cat (fat and smelly) but that’s not his fault, bit my Kitty in the ear and she had to have emergency surgery for an infection this morning. I will worry about her all weekend, because she hates wearing a cone, and she’s not to partial to the vet, either. She bit him. He should know better – she is a tad feral, but only when she is afraid.
The evil neighbour also has an angora rabbit that appears to be as neglected as the cat. Why do people get animals and then not take care of them? Spanish Banks
I don’t have a picture of Kitty, but she is the one on the blog, but I do have a pic of the beach. We went swimming yesterday and the water was not freezing, actually almost warm.
That’s about if for today.


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Terry Ewasiuk – Outta Town Show – don’t miss this!

Terry's Opening

Terry's Opening

I have known Terry for a long time, and her photos tell stories – the kind of stories that you hope will go on forever and ever. Her show opens tonight, (June 5th) and if you are in Vancouver, treat yourself to something special. You will thank yourself as soon as you set eyes on her work.


Mainspace, 350 – E. 2nd Avenue
Friday, June 5th 6-11
June 6-8th noon-5
ph; 604-723-1968 or email Terry: terrylee3000@gmail.com

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