Mini Vacation: Calgary

I’m off to the airport in an hour – meeting my friend in Calgary, where she has a two day conference. We are flying back to Vancouver on Friday afternoon and she and her daughter will be accompanying Jennifer and me on our Dude Ranch Weekend at Sundance.

I’ve got two full days to explore Calgary and if, like here in Vancouver, there is WiFi everywhere, I can wander around at my leisure. My friend and fellow editor at suite101, Jill Brown has recommended:

The River Cafe on Prince’s Island,
The Good Earth Cafe in Eau Claire, by Prince’s Island.
Eau Claire
She adds: “there is a Restaurant called Catch in Hyatt gets a lot of attention, but it’s a fish place and you come from a fish place.”

Jill is involved in a temporary exhibit at the Galt Museum called Prisoners of War, For You the War is Over, and she is going to take me to the exhibit on Friday. I am quite excited about this – actually the highlight of my mini-vacation.

Of course, I will be flying Westjet :0

For a mini-movie about Calgary click here.



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3 responses to “Mini Vacation: Calgary

  1. skindianajones

    If you have the misfortune of listening to the JackFM morning radio show while in Calgary, then i’m sure you’ll agree with everything said here:

  2. I think you’ll really enjoy River Cafe! The Good Earth in Eau Claire has funny hours though; they seem to close earlier than is logical. You may also like Art Central too, which is a short walk from Eau Claire and has another great coffee place:

    This forum has a list of places with free WiFi:

    Sorry for the huge comment, but I hope some of it was useful!

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