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Home and Hurting

Warning why not to twitter without follow-up. Last week I twittered something about heading home with broken ribs. Then I said nothing for a week, until a friend emailed me demanding an explanation. Can’t type well at the moment, so I’ve copied and pasted the message I wrote to my suite colleagues this morning. Sorry about not blogging, but you will see why.

Thanks Cindy for reminding me via email to explain my rather cryptic twitter – I wrote it through gritted teeth and pain and promptly forgot about it…

So, here is what happened:

On day two on Prince Edward Island, I was bucked off a horse while galloping along the seashore. You might not know this, but sand is like concrete, except harder. I actually thought the uncaring Atlantic Ocean and a oozy purple jellyfish would be the last things I’d see before I closed my eyes for ever.

Luckily, that was just my over-zealous imagination and I woke up alive. Unluckily, we were two hours away from civilization without a phone and I hurt. Unbeknownst to me, I had broken three ribs and torn most of the cartilage in my right shoulder. I didn’t have any choice but to ride out (this involved crossing a river, climbing sand dunes, riding through mud flats…) and by the end of that, I wished I were dead.

Once back at the barn, it took another hour to get to the hospital and even more time to jump the line and finally get some serious narcotics into my battered body.

We had to stay in PEI for five more days until I was able to fly, so we just got home this Wednesday. Needless to say, I’ve given up on horseback riding and will stick with biking and kayaking, although, I can’t imagine doing anything that involves upper body movement ever, ever again (besides drinking).

Throughout all of this, I’ve edited my first articles…that is dedication is it not?

The doc says I don’t have an addictive personality, so should continue to take percocet liberally for another week. Who am I to argue??

Am back doing a little bit more work every day and thankful for the need to focus on something. I’ve missed my online suite family and it feels great to be communicating with all of you after a week of silence.


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Social Networking and the Beastie Boys

I saw this on Twitter from Mark and thought it worth passing on: Beastie Boys Reveal Cancer

An effective press release that has already reached over 50 thousand people. Didn’t see it in any newspaper yet!

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Call for Submissions: The Labletter

The Labletter, an annual journal of the arts, has its roots in the Oregon Lab, the name given to a group of artists and their annual (or near annual) gathering. First published in 1998, the Labletter has presented samples of the work of these writers, filmmakers, actors, painters, and musicians and artists closely associated with them, and has been distributed among this group. Examples of work that has been included in the magazine in the first ten years can be found by clicking the Writing and Images tabs above. With the 2009 edition, the magazine expanded to include work from a much wider body of artists and writers. This edition is accompanied by a CD of songs that were recorded at the Oregon Lab. For information about the 2010 edition, please click on Staff; if you are interested in submitting, please click on Submissions.

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Workshop Leader: Canadian Children’s Book Camp 09

I’m thrilled to be taking part in this years Canadian Children’s Book Camp to be held at the Main Branch, Vancouver Public Library from August 10th to 14th.
I have been both a keynote speaker and a workshop facilitator at the camp in previous years and it is, by far, one of my most favourite things to do as a writer/presenter. The campers are incredibly creative and enthusiastic and I can’t wait to meet this year’s group.

The other teen mentors are:

James Heneghan
Ivan Coyote
Shelley Hrdiltschka

Among the keynote speakers this year, we have writer/broadcaster Mark Forsythe to open the event.

Water by james

Water by james

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The Perfect Cut: Included in CCBC Best Books For Teens 09

Canadain Children's Book Centre - Best Books 09 Edition

Canadain Children's Book Centre - Best Books 09 Edition

Best Books For Teens 09, Review

Best Books For Teens 09, Review

Thank you for including my book in this list!


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Workshop: New and Emerging Screenwriters: Westcoast Screenwriting

West Coast Screenwriting asks,

“Are you feeding your inner screenwriter?”

In August, West Coast Screenwriting principals, Keith Digby (Time Exposures) and Brian Paisley (Lies Like Truth) will hold a ‘Weekend Blitz’ workshop for NINE aspiring screenwriters.

Yes, that’s right – there will only be NINE participants, maximum, in the class. This course is not only specific to success in the craft of screenwriting, but also uniquely personal in the assessment and development of each individual participant’s work.

Location: Victoria Film Commission Offices, Inner Harbour, Victoria.

Friday August 21st (evening) to Sunday August 23rd (late afternoon),

For new and emerging screenwriters, bring your idea/concept, outline or unfinished screenplay. Novel and short story writers, who might be thinking of adapting one of their works, bring a one-page outline and watch its progress to the screen.

Are you interested in taking this high-power, team-taught 12-hour course?

Take the plunge.
Take the workshop!
Sponsored by The Victoria Film Commission.

See curriculum details and rates on our

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