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Canadian Book Camp 2009

A little while ago, I blogged about how excited I was to be invited to run a week-long workshop for teens at the Canadian Book Camp beginning next Monday and running through to Friday August 14.

I had really hoped that in spite of my cracked ribs, I would be able to fulfill this commitment, but yesterday I had not choice to make the decision to step down as one of the 2009 teen workshop leaders. It was especially difficult because I was told that some of the students and requested they specifically enroll in my workshop.

When my first book came out, I didn’t have any idea that I would be invited into schools to do readings and eventually run writing workshops. Over the past eight years, this has become something that I have come to really treasure and enjoy. I have seen unbelievable talent and enthusiasm in so many teens all across Canada. Making the decision to turn down this amazing opportunity was not easy and I wish all of the campers a week filled with literary wonder. If possible, I hope to drop in one morning to meet some of you and listen to one of the amazing keynote speakers.

It’s taking forever for my ribs and shoulder to heal. I am stuck in a limbo between boredom and pain while feeling grateful that I did not end up with a far worse injury. Today, for the first time, I managed to walk a whole block – my destination, it won’t surprise you, the library at the end of the street. I didn’t take out a book, as I’m in the middle of (and loving) Ludmila’s Broken English by DBC Peirre. I have also finished book three in the Twilight Series and didn’t enjoy it as much as the first two. Bella is starting to get on my nerves. I mean, isn’t it important to retain some of oneself in a relationship? Come on, Bella. Let’s hope you smarten up in the next installment.

I digress. I also missed our suite101 beach picnic this week…arg and the food and company is so great.



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