Polar Expressions Writing Contest

Suite writer Thomas Alan Gray has provided some great information about a Free (yes I did say free) writing contest for Canadian authors. The competition is open to older teens and adult poets and fiction writers.
If you are interested check out Alan’s article Polar Expressions Short Story and Poetry Contest.
Entering legitimate contests is a great way for emerging writers to get published and this one won’t cost you any money!



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2 responses to “Polar Expressions Writing Contest

  1. Neva Hohn

    Your website about poetry contests with a deadline in the summer of 2011 does not give a deadline date, or other information, that I can find. I may be a little overwhelmed by ads and promos but it would be nice to find a link to a page that tells me, in short, when the deadline is for the poetry writing contest, where to send it, how to send it, what is the date when the winners are announced – pertinent stuff, generally.
    Please let me know where on your web page I can find these things.
    Thanks very much

  2. Julie

    My apologies and you are right, you need a direct link:


    I’ve also sent you and email.

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