How Unfortunate – Surly Server – Need New Office Perhaps?

The new server at The Wired Monk is sullen and unfriendly. At first I thought that he didn’t like me, but upon closer observation, I realize he doesn’t like anyone. I think if he cracked a smile, it might be a first for him. I am tempted to take a picture of him, but I won’t – this isn’t about outing a grouch, rather it is about the necessity of finding a new “office” with great coffee, good food and respectful people.
I notice this morning that there aren’t as many customers in here as is the norm. Could it be Mr. Grump has scared them all away?
The problem is, it’s hard to create when the mood is down…I spend lots of money here, too.
My coffee and breakfast have arrived. For a test I looked him right in the eyes and beamed a big thank you…
No response. Maybe he is a zombie?
Back to work…


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