Word on the Street, Vancouver a Big Success

I spent the whole day at WOT, Vancouver. I heard Ivan Coyote tell two stories in the way that only she can – poignant, gut-splitting funny and never boring. I listened to some of the kids from the Canadian Book Camp read/recite/rap and was blown away by their talent and passion for the written word. Suite was represented by Colin and Lima and I’m sure we’ll be welcoming some fabulous new writers from the west coast. I had the opportunity to chat with the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s British Columbia Rep (and got a hard copy of the Best Books For Kids and Teens Mag with Perfect Cut listed) as well as join in the Philosopher’s Cafe with Sam Sullivan.

I started the day with a delicious breakfast with my friends at Medina Cafe and if you haven’t eaten there and live in Vancouver, than you really should. I had this:
Les Boulettes
Soft boiled egg, chickpea salad, baba ganoush, 2 poached eggs, spicy Moroccan meatballs, cilantro, yogurt, cucumber. Grilled Foccacia
OMG, what a great hit of taste and protein first thing in the morning.
I ended the day sipping Pinot Gris with my friend Joy.
One of the reasons I love Sept and Oct so much is WOTS, Writer’s Fest and Film Fest! Not only am I in my element at all three of these events, but I leave each one feeling inspired to keep on creating.
Tonight I am tired, but tomorrow I will awake refreshed and ready to write.



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2 responses to “Word on the Street, Vancouver a Big Success

  1. Marie-Claude

    Hello Julie
    Beware of whom you talk to at events such as WOTS! Thank you for being so gracious!
    I had been stuck in the doldrums until a friend died last week… I decided to paddle… and I got to WOTS.
    I am still unsure of what direction to take with my scattered writing, but at least I got a map… no GPS?
    Kind regards,
    Marie-Claude Arnott

    • Hello, Sometimes, in fact most of the time, if you are blue, the best thing to do is to force yourself out…that’s what I do and I do if for writer’s block as well. I enjoyed our long chat about writing online versus writing for traditional print media. I hope you will be a success at both!

      Julie Burtinshaw skype: burtinshaw Blog:https://burtinshaw.wordpress.com/

      Author Of: Dead Reckoning Adrift Romantic Ghost Stories The Freedom of Jenny The Perfect Cut (2008)

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