I Try to Write Every Day – No Matter What

Here’s a tip for writers, published or not. Make a real effort to write every single day, not matter what else is going on. For most of us, life is busy. It’s the rare person who can focus only on their writing. For the majority, at the very least we have jobs, and many of us have families -you know – short people who are always hungry or need a ride somewhere or a band-aid.

I promised myself I would make a real effort to write a bit of my new novel every day and so far I have been successful. Mind you, sometimes I only get an hour to work on my book, but you know what? On a good day when the creative juices are flowing, I can get some good words down in that sixty minutes.

On a bad day, I might spend forty of those sixty minutes writing “barf,” but I can usually tell when things are going that way and switch to research mode.

Those sixty minutes I stole today in the middle of end-of-the-month-edits and working for the Teen Suicide Prevention Group came from (and I hang my head in shame), turning off a Hell’s Kitchen re-run. Worse, I’d already seen that episode (You stupid cow)! last week or last month. But isn’t that what procrastination is all about? Wasting time. It’s not like I was reading my book (Blue Angel by Francine Prose) – that would be valuable time, but no – I was watching daytime TV 😦

In order to steal a few precious minutes out of a busy day, it’s necessary to be aware of what I am doing. That, I think is the secret to reclaiming time. So often people (writers) tell me, “I just don’t have the time to write,” and sometimes that’s the truth, but before you utter those words or think that thought, ask yourself: “Who am I kidding?”

If your answer is “only me,” than turn off the TV, stop vacuuming, put down the windex, don’t bother with the Baked Alaska and don’t worry about the leaves accumulating in the garden. Put it all out of your mind and WRITE.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly the word count builds.


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2 responses to “I Try to Write Every Day – No Matter What

  1. Christine

    Thank you for writing this. It’s inspirational and keeps me plugging away knowing I’m not alone.

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