My Favourite Movie So Far at VIFF

This morning we saw This Way of Life.
New Zealand 2009, 85m
Director: Tom Burstyn

From the moment it began until the final credits, the whole audience, including myself and my daughter were oblivious to everything but the real-life characters on the screen before us. This movie touched on so many themes – respect, love, living in grace, poverty, what is wealth, parenting, living for the moment, forgiveness…I would buy the DVD – it is that good. Shot in New Zealand, this is a documentary about a family who have nothing and yet they have everything.

If you get the chance, see it.

Tonight’s pick: Will Not Stop There from Croatia. Looks pretty weird…

The best thing about the VIFF today? I ran into a Dawson City friend: Dan Sokolowski, excellent guy and producer of the Dawson City International Short Film Fest. We’re off for dinner and catching up. I miss Dawson. Need to visit soon, but first Yellow Knife in a week!
The North gets into your blood.
Gotta go eat sushi.


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