A Writer’s Dream – 6 Days to Just Write

This afternoon I am off to Whistler Mountain for six days with a friend. She is the perfect travelling companion for a writer because she is thrilled to spend the day reading, while I am on my computer creating my next novel. We’ve been on the road together before – in Mexico, and various West Coast locations, but this will be the first time we are going to stay in a chi chi resort with a spa, a pool, an exercise room and kilometres of hiking trails under the shadow of Whistler/Blackcomb.

I plan to take a break and ride the peak-to-peak, and if I weren’t still wounded, I’d do the zip line as well.

I can probably get in six solid, undisturbed hours of writing a day. I’m leaving here with 37,000 words (mostly good ones). It will be interesting to see what I return with. My goal: another 10,000 mostly good words…

On Monday the 19th of October, when I get back to Vancouver, I will face the critique group at Christianne’s Lycuem. I’m terrified and grateful all at the same time.

And what was I thankful for this year on Thanksgiving?
WIFI = Freedom!!!!


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One response to “A Writer’s Dream – 6 Days to Just Write

  1. Jill

    Oh, Julie, this sounds like the best idea ever. 😉

    You’re brilliant!

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