Shame on the BC Liberals: Complete Funding Cut to BC BookWorld

I just received this. Please forward to as many writers and readers as you can. And send a letter of protest to the government:

“The provincial government has suddenly rescinded ALL funding to BC BookWorld, the most-read publication about books in Canada.
Notice of this pre-Olympics decision to break a 22-year-old relationship with the newspaper came from Andrea Henning, executive director of Arts & Culture, during a brisk phone call, without any explanation or paper trail, and with less than a month’s notice.

On the same day, the BC publishers’ association and the BC magazine publishers’ association similarly learned all their funding had been removed. To avoid more bloodletting, literary arts groups have formed the Coalition for the Defence of Writing and Publishing in B.C.

You’re a writer, so by all means, write a letter to the Premier or your MLA—or to us—if the spirit moves you, to protest these draconian measures. But, more importantly, if you want B.C. BookWorld to serve authors for another 22 years, become a Supporter / Subscriber. If you are willing to spare the cost of two movie tickets, we can save B.C. BookWorld as a public institution that serves 100,000 readers throughout the province, via more than 900 outlets.

It’s not charity. It’s a good deal. Send a cheque for $25 made out to PACIFIC BOOKWORLD NEWS SOCIETY, and we’ll mail B.C. BookWorld to your home or office address throughout 2010. In essence, I am asking one thousand authors to collectively replace Gordon Campbell’s government.

It’s a case of double jeopardy. If we’re not making the newspaper, it’s unlikely my colleague David Lester and I will be able to maintain our free reference site—for and about more than 9,000 B.C. authors—at (for which we have never received a penny).

That’s the gist of the situation. It’s up to you. Show us that Gordon Campbell made the wrong decision. Send your Supporter / Subscriber cheque ($25) today to PACIFIC BOOKWORLD NEWS SOCIETY, 3516 West 13th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6R 2S3.

–Alan Twigg, Publisher”


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