Re: Furlong Urges Public to Pitch in for Event: Take a Bus

Well, hopefully this is legal and Vanoc won’t hack into my computer and remove this post because it might seem to be “Anti-Olympic.”

First of all, I bus everywhere. I like the sky-train and I’ve used the RAV line to get around. So, I’m not a car-girl, although I do have access to a car when I need/want it.

That said, if John Furlong wants Vancouverites to “do our Olympic Duty and take a bus,” perhaps he should consider providing free transit for locals during the Games. And before you all protest that this is just too costly, keep in mind that Seattle does it every day.

Also, can we expect to see Mr. Furlong waiting for a bus while he sips a latte and chats to the premier on a rainy, wet Vancouver day in his fake Cowichan sweater?
Let’s hope.

Take a Bus Dude!

Take a Bus Dude!


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