Perfect Cut Nominated for OLA Award!

I will always think of Yellow Knife as the city where I received the thrilling news that The Perfect Cut is one of ten books across Canada nominated by the Ontario Library Association for the White Pine Award.

“Ontario Library Association Teen Reading Program featuring Canada’s best in YA fiction!”

Yipee!!! White Pine Nominee

This is One Happy Writer

I am sitting in Javaroma Cafe in Yellow Knife – one of the few places – as far as I can tell with WiFi. We’ll be heading out to the galleries soon, but blogging and suite come first every day.

It’s cold and I’m going home tomorrow for bubbly with family and friends. Lots to celebrate: Besides the White Pine nomination, Jennifer is engaged to Nicky!!! Wow!



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3 responses to “Perfect Cut Nominated for OLA Award!

  1. cuz Michelle

    Congratulations to Jennifer and Nicky!

  2. Julie

    Thanks Michelle.
    I’ll see you at a reading in Ontario perhaps and pass this on to Jennifer.

  3. Christine

    Fantastic Julie. Congratulations!

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