I’m Going away for 2 Weeks – Carry-on!!!

I am not going to fly my favourite airline, Westjet to the UK because I can’t, although the trip to Yellowknife was smooth…

Westjet goes subarctic

Westjet plane in Yellowknife before I got on

As much as I swore I would never do it again, I am going to fly Northwest, which would be fine if it wasn’t really Delta in disguise. Followers will know all about how I feel about Delta Airlines. It’s possible I won’t sleep tonight thinking about my journey from Vancouver to Minneapolis to London, Heathrow with a flight change in Minneapolis.

However, I can and do thank my terror of lost baggage and missed planes with my decision to try to go not with checked bags, but with carry-on!!
And, I think I can do it. I will only have one pair of boots and one pair of quite hideous sneakers and hardly any amazing outfits, but still I am going to get to the UK with at least some clothes!!!

I’ll keep you posted on Sunday when I leave….


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One response to “I’m Going away for 2 Weeks – Carry-on!!!

  1. Hi Julie,

    Welll you deserve to get away, eventhough it’ll be a long haul. We all need to leave our home abode & comfort zone.

    Enjoy the sites and tell the Queen Mum “Hi” from all us American commoners… LOL 🙂


    Louis F. Vargas
    Author: The Passion-Driven Life

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