Almost Home

I am sitting in the airport in Minneapolis, MS. (MSP) Actually, I am in the Observation Room, facing west and the sky is a brilliant bluish-pink. I stayed at the airport overnight due to a flight mix-up at source. I found a really comfy couch in a quiet area upstairs in the main terminal and slept well, but only for about four hours.

The airport was very still overnight, but by 4:40 the PAs started up again and within what seemed like a short time, the terminal came to life. I watched from above – a quiet and unseen observer. Because my phone was out of juice, I was limited to emails, all my friends in all time zones were asleep or busy doing Sunday things.

The airport is a different world. By 7am, the bars were serving beer and drinks to weary travellers whose bio clocks were upside down, (or maybe this place is the alcoholic’s dream – where nobody will judge another person based on clocks and habits).

This is a very easy to get around airport compared to Heathrow – they actually post the flight times and GATES 12 hours ahead and don’t seem to make many changes at all. The food isn’t very good though – I think I may have eaten ‘hash browns’ out of a freezer bag? Gross. But there is a starbucks and the coffee wasn’t bad. No sushi or salad bars though – Subway, Macdonalds and some cheesy Tex/Mex places.

I hope my bags are getting on the plane with me! As I look out the window, I see three planes lined up to taxi into gates while another leaps into the sky – big jets queue up facing the pink sky and wait their turn, and still more are parked and loading up. Where is everyone going? Lots of chubby people in summer clothes, so I suppose it’s off to warmer climes. It gets cold here in winter, situated as it is somewhere below Winnipeg, Canada.

The ticket agents in LHR, both Delta and KLM were amazing yesterday, helping me with my ticket screw-up and eventually putting me in the front cabin, were I slept the night away in a little pod – full out flat bed – after being wined and dined. So, I’ve forgiven Delta and I really think they have worked on Customer Service hard and it shows! Thanks all!

I think every large hub airport should have a writer in residence. There really is a lot going on and that’s before you start talking to the travellers.

Here are a few pics of my trip:

It’s 7:35am and the sun is a ball of orange hanging low on the horizon.



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2 responses to “Almost Home

  1. Jennifer

    great pics! I’m sorry you missed your flight 😦

  2. I’m home now and slept for at least ten amazing hours – no jet lag!

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