Perfect Saturday Except for That Damn Manuscript!!

Today I did only what I wanted to do: Slept late, read my book, read the paper, had a long bath, watched two movies – only edited first articles and finally unpacked both of my suite cases – from UK and Hawaii.
I went to the Canucks game on Thursday, which I loved and we won against Atlanta! I have finished my Christmas shopping and the house is decorated…wow – talk about organized 🙂
The only thing is, I haven’t written a word of my novel since returning to Canada. I suspect it is because the first draft (50 thousand words of it) are at this moment with an editor. We were supposed to get together for lunch last week, but she had to cancel and I haven’t heard from her for this coming week. Writers will know what this translates to: pure insecurity and fear. Here is what I think: She hates my ms and wants to burn it. In fact, she hates it so much she doesn’t want to call me and waste her time on such a pathetic loser of a writer. She hates it so much that she is tempted to use it as TP! I could, of course go on an on with this negative thinking, or I could distract myself with another movie and dinner out – hey that sounds like the better idea.
It is because of how I feel when I don’t hear from an editor, that I do my best to turn around first suite articles within 12 -24 hours. I figure a good writer has a great imagination and that can be bittersweet…
In the meantime, I just wish she’d call…



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2 responses to “Perfect Saturday Except for That Damn Manuscript!!

  1. Hi Julie,
    I came across of your article on Manuscript submission.
    I would like to know, should I get my work copywrited before sending it to freelance editor for a review and even to publisher?

  2. No,
    You don’t have to get it copyrighted, nor should you have to pay an editor to review your work before you submit it. Why not join a good writer’s group and workshop/critique your manuscript with them?
    Reputable publishers will not steal your ideas or your work. I don’t know of any writers who copyright their work before submitting it to a publisher.
    Best of luck!

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