A Few Weeks Later – the Manuscript/Coffee Shop Author

Just a short time ago, I was complaining about That Damn Manuscript!
Ah, good news! Can’t announce who yet, but my manuscript passed muster and the editor loved it! Expect to see it in print within the next twelve months (maybe optimistic).
I guess that is all I needed to hear. I have three totally quiet days on my own and I’m going to write a second draft – I’ve already pretty much written the end and I think it is quite good!
I always get so much done when I have a little space and time to write. I also realized today that it is time to get back to my “office,” the Wired Monk and I wish I had seen this a little earlier. It’s a great idea:

Deadline: April 30, 2010 (Register by March 15, 2010)

For authors wishing to hone their craft and enjoy writing at the same time. Authors register and secure the endorsement of their favourite coffee shop. They pledge to write the bulk of a novel, short story collection, poetry collection, or work of creative non-fiction at the coffee shop between November 2009 and April 2010. Registration begins November 1st, 2009 and continues until March 15, 2010. Manuscripts must be submitted by April 30, 2010. Fee: $30 (includes registration, vinyl decal for your coffee mug, and blog space to share your experiences with the world). First Prize: trip for 2 to Fernie, BC, registration in the Fernie Writers Conference, one week accomodation in Fernie, and the chance to have your work published by Oolichan Books.


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