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Press Release: Deadline to File Claim in Copyright Case Fast Approaching

The following press release was circulated this morning by the Claims Administrator for Robertson V Thompson

PLEASE NOTE that a further list of publications has been added

January 15, 2010

A historic settlement has been reached between freelance writer Heather Robertson and several

major Canadian media outlets in a class action lawsuit concerning e-rights for writers. Under the

terms of the settlement, which was approved by the Superior Court of Ontario on August 12,

2009, the defendants have agreed to pay $11 million.

Over 350 Canadian publications were cited in the case, including
The Globe and Mail,

Maclean’s, Chatelaine, Canadian Geographic, Toronto Life and now defunct Saturday Night magazine. Freelance writers and artists who contributed to any of the specified media outlets may be eligible to claim settlement money. Staff writers are not eligible to participate in the

The deadline for filing a claim with Cole & Partners, the claims administrator, is January 18, 2010, at 5:00 p.m., Toronto time.

In addition to the publications previously listed on the websites of Koskie Minsky LLP (the

Toronto law firm that represented Robertson in the class action suit) and Cole & Partners (the

court-appointed settlement claims administrator), freelance writers and artists are advised that a

further list of publications from which freelancer works have been reproduced in electronic

databases is now available for members of the class to consult in filing their claims. These

publications include such newspapers as the Toronto Star and the Hamilton Spectator.

Freelancers without access to email or the Internet can contact Koskie Minsky or Cole &

Partners and request a copy of the publication list and claims form, to be sent via fax or surface

mail. Freelance writers with additional questions about the settlement are also urged to contact

these firms.

Koskie Minsky can be reached, toll-free, at 1-866-777-6323 or

Cole & Partners can be reached at 416-364-2590, or

Claim forms can be downloaded at

Deadline to File Claim in Copyright Case Fast Approaching

January 15, 2010

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Bestsellers in British Columbia!

The Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia is posting a weekly list of BC’s bestselling books.

Guess who’s on top this week?

    Best of Chef at Home by Michael Smith
    Every Day Indian by Bel Arneson or
    Had a Glass 2010 by James Nevison and Kenji Hodgson

HInt: We love wine out here on the edge of the continent…

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P.K. Page – Dies and Canada loses a talented poet – Unless the Eye Catch Fire

The God will not be seen…

Today, the Globe and Mail reported the death of P.K. page: P.K. Page dies at 93 as did CBC News.

I didn’t know that P.K. Page published a book for children in 2009 – at the age of 92!!! She was certainly a talent that Canadians and in particular those of us living on the West Coast can be proud of – a prolific poet, painter, fiction writer and essayist and a true Canadian literary icon. She will live on in her words.

Single Traveller

P.K. Page

What is this love that is my life’s companion?
Shape-changer, sometimes faceless, this companion.

Single traveller, I wander a wasting world
awaiting the much anticipated Companion.

A trillium covered wood one April day
served as a nearly consummate companion.

A horse, two dogs, some cats, a blue macaw
each in its turn became a loyal companion.

Behind the loved embrace, a face of light-
demon or angel-lures me from my companion.

The street of love is neither wide nor narrow.
Its width depends on me and my companion.

Am I too bound and blinded by coarse wrappings
ever to know true love as my companion?

O Poet, squanderer of time and talents
why do you search for love as your Companion?


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