P.K. Page – Dies and Canada loses a talented poet – Unless the Eye Catch Fire

The God will not be seen…

Today, the Globe and Mail reported the death of P.K. page: P.K. Page dies at 93 as did CBC News.

I didn’t know that P.K. Page published a book for children in 2009 – at the age of 92!!! She was certainly a talent that Canadians and in particular those of us living on the West Coast can be proud of – a prolific poet, painter, fiction writer and essayist and a true Canadian literary icon. She will live on in her words.

Single Traveller

P.K. Page

What is this love that is my life’s companion?
Shape-changer, sometimes faceless, this companion.

Single traveller, I wander a wasting world
awaiting the much anticipated Companion.

A trillium covered wood one April day
served as a nearly consummate companion.

A horse, two dogs, some cats, a blue macaw
each in its turn became a loyal companion.

Behind the loved embrace, a face of light-
demon or angel-lures me from my companion.

The street of love is neither wide nor narrow.
Its width depends on me and my companion.

Am I too bound and blinded by coarse wrappings
ever to know true love as my companion?

O Poet, squanderer of time and talents
why do you search for love as your Companion?



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