Very Sad News About Duthie Books

Our local bookseller, Duthie Books, a store I grew up visiting is closing after so many years of providing books to Vancouver. Duthies is a huge part of our literary landscape here on the lower mainland, and I will be just one of many who will miss them. I was there last month with my son. We spent an enjoyable half hour browsing through books until he found the one he wanted – with the help of the knowledgeable bookseller who was patient as we tried to find what we wanted.

We don’t go to Chapters. It’s too bad so many others did. Duthies is citing Chapters and Amazon as one of the reasons why they just couldn’t make it. Well it’s too late to support them now, but could all of you reading this please make a resolution to shop local. Local, independent booksellers need you!

Read the Vancouver Sun Article about Duthie Books here.

On the bright side of independents:

Celebration of the People’s Co-op Bookstore’s 65th birthday, featuring music, poetry, and comedy. Friday, January 22 at 7:30pm. Tickets $10 in advance/$15 at the door. People’s Co-op Bookstore (1391 Commercial).



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4 responses to “Very Sad News About Duthie Books

  1. faceless bureaucrat

    I too practically grew up in the Paperback Cellar at Robson and Hornby, which was ruled over for years by Binky, an interesting character if ever there was one. Duthies had the best selection of books imaginable, but more than that the staff was incredible. They’d take an interest in what you were reading and suggest other titles, the whole place was a hotbed of intellectual inquiry and discussion, a meeting place, and a defining part of the community for many years. On those days during high school when things got too stressful, I’d skip classes and take the bus downtown, go to Duthies and get some interesting tome, then head over to the lobby of the Hotel Vancouver to sit in an armchair and read a few chapters. Over here in Victoria we are blessed to have Munro’s and Bolen’s, two very fine independent booksellers, not to mention Ivy’s in Oak Bay and also about half the retail space in Sidney. I still treasure my collection of Duthies bookmarks and save them for special reads. Three cheers for the Duthie family and all their staff over the years.

  2. I’m building a link roundup of all the obits for Duthie and will include a link to this post.

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  4. I liked your piece about Duthie books, but was disappointed to see the Google Ad for Chapters just below it.

    It was a bit of a shock to learn that Duthie’s was closing. It always seems so busy when I drop in (usually a couple times a month). For that reason, and the sense of loyalty I felt among the many of us who shopped at Duthie Books, I had thought it was one of the few independents remaining that would endure.

    Like you and many others, I will miss Duthie Books, and will make an even greater effort to support the few remaining Canadian Independent book sellers like Blackberry Books on Granville Island.

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