gung hay fat choy

Plans for Sunday, Feb. 14th include the Chinese New Year Parade downtown Vancouver and a romantic dinner at Salad Des Fruits on 7th. Lots of chocolate as well. Lisa and a few other friends (actually half our group were Lisa’s) a working brunch, went for Dim Sum earlier today at Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant and it was, as ever, delicious and we ate way too much. Tonight it’s all about sushi – Lisa is choosing where to eat – she’s the visitor – my American cousin…
I’d add pictures of these adventures, but Mac won’t upload from my camera – something is broke – need to go to the MAC store, but not while the Olympics are on. It’s a drag though…
Anyway, we spend a lot of time on our computers working away, but it is fun to do it with another human…



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2 responses to “gung hay fat choy

  1. We, in Alberta loved the opening ceremonies . SO MANY great moments. Loved the emphasis on the native element. Sara was awesome. I loved that they read “And My Heart Soars” KD Lang was fabulous and so was Sara. It made me so proud to me a Canadian. And We say Please AND Your Welcome.

  2. Love the food at Gung ho Fat choy. Little school kids of all nationalisties know what it is and what it means when I teach them in Vancouver. Neat!

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