VANCOUVER – Premier Gordon Campbell issued the following statement today
congratulating Alexandre Bilodeau of Montreal, Quebec for winning Canada’s first
Olympic Gold medal on Canadian soil:

“On behalf of all British Columbians, I congratulate Alexandre Bilodeau
of Montreal, Quebec for being the first Canadian in Olympic history to win a gold
medal in Canada.

“Canadians have been dreaming of this moment for decades and Alexandre’s
spectacular performance was a breath-taking moment for millions across our country.

“This gold medal performance will be chronicled as one of the greatest
moments in Canadian sport history. It will inspire millions of young people from
across our country to work hard and pursue their dreams.

“As British Columbians and Canadians we are proud to welcome the world
with open arms to the 2010 Winter Olympics and this first Canadian gold medal will
bring us all a little closer as we unite to cheer on our Canadian athletes. Go Canada Go!”


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  1. I cried! My heart was bursting with pride for him and for Canada. What better person could have won that medal. Both Alexandre and his family were typically Canadian. They embodied Canadian humility and love of each other and their country. When they asked Alex where he got his determination he said, “When I did not want to go and train, I thought about what if I was not able to go at all and so I go.” Of course he is referring to his older brother Frederick who has MS and has become our hero along with his brother. Frederick’s smile when he heard his brother won gold will live in the hearts and minds of every person who saw the race. I will remember it always. He is my hero.

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