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Stephen Colbert at 2010

Hopefully some images to follow but I am downtown in the media centre waiting to talk to Michael Bidu (President of DigiBC) – will post that interview on suite when it is ready to go.

A Warm Olympic Crowd Waited for Colbert on Feb 17th

Gorgeous, sunny day here – perfect to wait around for John Corbett – who showed up at 2010 by the Science Centre half and hour late…but he was pretty funny. “It’s 11:30 at night, but it’s still light out and no snow…” this at 9am. And we know, someone south of us will believe it.

Colbert on stage near Science World

A bathroom or ten might have been a bonus – future organizers take note – all 7000 people had to pee… and next time instead of bringing your TVs from home, why not rent two BIG SCREENS??
But fun anyway…
Had the thrill of attending Maelle Ricker’s press conference a few minutes ago…my camera battery is acting up and the photos I am taking with Lisa’s camera are a tad fuzzy….
I’m going to check out the media showcase in the BC Pavilion after I’ve talked to Mr. Bidu and then back on transit again.
More to come.
Oh yeah! Check out my suite blog: Vancouver 2010 Olympics: First Impressions


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Olympics – First Impressions

Read about my first impressions of the Olympics 2010 on the Limelight Blog here. Includes some great pics.

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What is a ‘Real’ Hockey Fan?

My son says I’m not a real Canadian Hockey fan. I beg to differ. I like to go to Canuck’s games. I like to do the wave and sing ‘Oh Canada.’ I love beer and I will wear a hockey jersey as long as it’s only for a few hours. I’ve seen the green men on more than one occasion. I am watching (even as I type), Team Canada cream Norway – 7 to 0…final score. I do feel sorry for the losers, but I’m glad we won.

Canucks and Oilers 2009

I have Canada earrings on that I bought in a vintage jewelry store on Main Street. And…wait for it… I once spent three seasons working at the Hot Stove Club in The Maple Leaf Gardens. I was a waitress. I met Don Cherry and Ron McLean and lots of other hockey dudes.
So, I am a real hockey fan… pass me a Pale Ale.

We Love Hockey in the North

#44 Oilers

Canucks goalie

Green Men

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