What is a ‘Real’ Hockey Fan?

My son says I’m not a real Canadian Hockey fan. I beg to differ. I like to go to Canuck’s games. I like to do the wave and sing ‘Oh Canada.’ I love beer and I will wear a hockey jersey as long as it’s only for a few hours. I’ve seen the green men on more than one occasion. I am watching (even as I type), Team Canada cream Norway – 7 to 0…final score. I do feel sorry for the losers, but I’m glad we won.

Canucks and Oilers 2009

I have Canada earrings on that I bought in a vintage jewelry store on Main Street. And…wait for it… I once spent three seasons working at the Hot Stove Club in The Maple Leaf Gardens. I was a waitress. I met Don Cherry and Ron McLean and lots of other hockey dudes.
So, I am a real hockey fan… pass me a Pale Ale.

We Love Hockey in the North

#44 Oilers

Canucks goalie

Green Men

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