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Peter Carey is Coming to Vancouver

On May 7, 2010 Peter Carey will be in Vancouver to talk to Hal Wake about his latest novel, Parrot and Olivier in America.
Here is a great You Tube Video of Peter Carey being interviewed by Granta Magazine.

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The Joy of the Send Button

I’ve finished round one and experienced the extreme pleasure of pushing “send” and emailing my editor the first true draft of my next manuscript! Of course, I needed a little prompting from Tonya: “At some point you have to stop rewriting it and trust me to take a look.”

I think it is like this for all writers – a book is never finished, even when it is in a bookstore. Sometimes, when I am reading from one of my novels in front of an audience, I want to change the words so badly that I just go ahead and do it. If anyone is reading along, they probably think I’m daft…

Anyway, I’ve got a million ideas for my next book – just need to narrow those down to one.

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