Why I Love Writing Historical Fiction

Now that my latest manuscript is in the hands of my editor, I am getting to work on my next novel – revisiting historical fiction. I spent the greater part of today at Vancouver’s Maritime Museum in their lovely library in the basement. This is a place full of good memories for me – it was here that I researched and wrote my first book, Dead Reckoning (that was nominated for Red Cedar) and made me very proud and happy.

Now, 10 years later and I can hardly believe how time has flown, I am interested in another ship wreck off the coast of British Columbia and thankfully, so is my publisher :). This one was so tragic that I had to keep stopping in the middle of reading accounts of the wreck because the images were so sad. I got so lost in the research, I found myself back at the turn of the century amid the horror of Spanish flu, WWI and savage coastal seas.

I think it will be a good book. Our BC maritime history is fascinating and peopled with brave, human, eccentric and interesting characters. I’ll keep you posted on how the research and writing goes!

Researching Maritime History in British Columbia


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