Promote Your Book Effectively – Workshop Giveaway Kamloops, Victoria, Prince George

Would you like to learn how to promote your book more effectively?
Do you have an out of print book that you own the rights to and would like to see back in print?
Do you dream about self publishing your book to supplement your income?

Live Your Dream Workshops teach you how to do all of those things, and THEY’RE GIVING AWAY A SPOT AT ALL 6 OF THEIR UPCOMING WORKSHOPS! To enter the contest for your area, or to register for a workshop, visit their website at For Kamloops – the deadline to enter the contest is Friday April 16th, so don’t miss out!

The workshops are facilitated by Crystal Stranaghan, who has worked as a publisher, editor, book designer, publishing consultant and creative writing mentor on more than 50 book projects of all kinds, and Jared Hunt, who is an experienced writer, editor, creative writing mentor, game designer, publishing consultant and an expert in new publishing technologies.

Kamloops: Self Publishing For Profit (April 24), Book Marketing Mixology (April 25)
Victoria: Self Publishing For Profit (May 22), Book Marketing Mixology (May 23)
Prince George: Self Publishing For Profit (June 5), Book Marketing Mixology (June 6)

Visit http://www.jaredhunt.Dream Workshops or call toll free 1-877-261-7901 for more information.

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