Fanatykco Whistler Mountain

I’ve been at Whistler for a week now and because I have not been skiing (still worried about the busted ribs), I have had loads of time to wander around Whistler Village and check out the shops.

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of ski boots as I plan to start skiing again next year (and might ride up on Saturday for the Telus Ski and Snowboard Fest). Not only have I been looking for good boots, but I’ve wanted to find a shop where the sales staff really knows their stuff and takes the time to talk and back up their product.

Fanatykco in Whistler village met all of my expectations. The guy who fitted my boots, Kevin, couldn’t have been more patient and helpful. Plus, I can take my boots back any time because they guarantee the fit. Fanatykco was the fourth or fifth store i went into and I knew within minutes of talking to the staff that I was in the right place.

So, I’m passing it on! Support this store – they deserve it.

Oh, and another cute quirk – one of the owners/staff just got a silver-haired lab and it has its own facebook page. How Whistler is that?

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