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Sometimes I am Ashamed to be a Human Being (But at Least I’m Not Tony Hayward)

Earlier this evening, I was on the treadmill working hard at losing the weight I put on when I fell off that bad pony last summer and broke myself. I had my MP3 on, but a there was a TV right in front of me and the news was on (which at first seemed like a blessing because usually the boys in the gym rule the media and it’s WWF or something equally inane).


I have been avoiding anything about the oil spill and BP – visit their website and you’d think they were environmentalists; they’ve got some awesome designers and content providers who really know how to spin. So, when Exon Valdez happened, I felt pretty sick about that and when the BC Government fought for drilling off Haida Gwaii and we let them I felt we’d lost our way and when the oil spill happened last year at Robson’s Blight it scared me in a way that I didn’t understand. I felt helpless and hopeless.

And yet, we keep hearing that drilling offshore will have a minimal risk for the oceans and in the end for us.

And now this. The BP Oil Spill 2010…do you know how many marine mammals will die because of this? Think about plankton and fish and those beautiful sea birds who don’t know what’s coming their way…

Obama has put a moratorium on off shore drilling.

We should too.
This should not be something we have to think about for more than a nano second.

Back to the news. This is what they said after showing obscene footage of the BP spill as it approached the shores of Louisiana (we are talking about millions of litres of oil and BP will cover that up, I promise you:

How Will Oil Spill Effect the Price of Crude?”

How Serious is this? It Will Take Days for the Markets to Answer This Question.

News Flash for all of you who think this is about cash. Those marine mammals and birds and fish and other ocean dwellers already know how serious this spill is; especially the ones almost dead or the ones choking on the oil slick.

So, when you vote for our next government, think about our Orca Whales and Pacific White Sided Dolphins and sea birds. They can’t. Their lives are in our hands. Too bad for them.

Honestly, there are times when I am ashamed to be a human being.

I Guess I Don't Count


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Geist Workshop Review: Public Speaking 101

Last week I blogged about excitement about attending the Geist 3 hour evening workshop with Ivan Coyote called: The Art of Talking the Talk. I promised to report back on how it went and I’m here to say that, along with Toastmasters, Coyote’s workshop was probably one of the most valuable I have ever attended.

The timing was perfect as I leave for Ontario next week to visit and talk at High Schools for the upcoming White Pine Awards. Thanks to Ivan Coyote, the kids are in for a treat. Her tips on how to create and engaging, funny and informative talk were invaluable and included both the seemingly obvious and the brilliant. Here are a few examples:

1. Don’t just read from your book for a full hour (seems obvious, but I’ve seen lots of authors do this)
2. Don’t hesitate to adjust the microphone so you are not either bending over or standing on tip-toes because the last speaker wasn’t the exact same height as you
3. If you are giving 30 minutes to talk, don’t talk for 40 minutes or even 29 minutes. Leave room for questions and be respectful of other speaker’s time.
4. Enjoy yourself!

Those are only a few of her tips…I have spent the week writing my presentations and I know they are better because of that workshop. As Ivan said, “I’ve sold a lot of books just from being on stage and entertaining people – it’s a full time job now.” Isn’t that every writer’s dream – to not have a day job?

So, if you get the chance, take a workshop on public speaking – it’ll be worth the time and the money – guaranteed.

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Touring Ontario for White Pine

I’ll be heading to Ontario next Saturday for the White Pine Awards. While there, I will be visiting the following schools:

Monday May 10th St. Augustine Secondary School in Brampton
Tuesday May 11th Durham Catholic High School in Durham
Wednesday May 12th Harbourfront, Toronto
Thursday May 13th Dunbarton High School in Pickering

Friday is still open! No cross Canada travel charges so contact The Author Booking Service if you’d like a workshop/reading or presentation.

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