Arnold Schwarzenegger Says No to Offshore Drilling – Good Outcome from Disaster

Governor of California Protects Coast From Future Oil Spills

I woke up to great news this morning proving that sometimes good can come of bad. California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger has reversed his decision to allow offshore drilling on the California Coast, this in spite of the pressure to sacrifice the oceans to cover a 20 billion dollar deficit. It takes courage to make a decision this monumental in support of our environment.

It was TV images of the Gulf Oil Leak that changed his mind. The “Terminator” has a big heart.

“If I have a choice to make up $100 million and what I see in Gulf of Mexico, I’d rather find a way to make up that $100 million,” he said.

Memories of the 1969 spill of the coast still haunt west coasters and I for one, applaud the governor for following his conscience and doing what is right.

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