First White Pine Workshop — St. Augustine High School

I spent this morning at St. Augustine Catholic School in Brampton, Ontario workshopping a talented group of young people. I enjoyed them so much and was quite shocked when our hour together was up. I can say for sure that these kids have a big future in front of them. What a great way to start my week in Ontario, and my fingers are crossed that the every day will be as successful. The librarian was sweet and drove me to Toronto where I got on the TTC and rode to the Art Gallery of Ontario. I was here a year ago — but too early — a day before the grand opening and I was so disappointed. Today they are closed as well — Monday — I forgot about how Monday is a dead day here.

So I am in a little cafe across the street from the OAG and I guess I will return on my only free day, Friday and hopefully with my artist pal, Martha Eleen. Good to be back in the city, although I had a great visit in Caledon, but there was no WiFi and I felt so cut off from the world and work.
Maybe today I will hop a street car and head to the old stomping grounds – High Park/Parkdale.

Tomorrow I go to Oshawa on the Go Train — will report in.
I am loving being in Toronto again.

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