What I Learned About CHEWING – Yummy Tobacco Candy for Kids

On first glance, it appears that nobody in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) smokes. The lack of butts on the street and smokers outside of buildings puts the healthy, Wet Coast to shame; at first glance.

I was pretty impressed by the fact that, as an ex-smoker of over a year now, I am in a city where I cannot be tempted by the still sweet and still addictive heady scent of cigarette smoke — don’t get me wrong, I still go outside with the smokers because I am weirdly drawn to them; perhaps because of their fearless abandon and “nothing can kill me attitude,” and “I’ve got tons of extra money and that’s why I can afford to smoke so I’ll pay for dinner,” but whatever the reason, I’ll never be a person arrogant enough to judge another over a smoke.

BUT, the big deal out here is CHEW and it is gross!!! So, you think those Ontarioites are carrying water bottles because they like to be hydrated?
Think again. Those water bottles are portable spitoons — yeah, so if you find one on the TTC, my advice — leave it alone.

Kids have told me the CHEW is sold in stores and looks like candy — I guess the opposite of “Lifesaver…”
The tobacco companies are immoral, but smart…And what about mouth cancer, throat cancer, tongue cancer and really bad breath — no warnings on the packages yet, I suppose.



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2 responses to “What I Learned About CHEWING – Yummy Tobacco Candy for Kids

  1. Hmmm, I can see the Hollywood glamour in a smoke, but not a chew…

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