Day 2 Touring Ontario — Oshawa Reading and Talk

Today I took the GoTrain to Oshawa — the ride was one hour and it was very comfortable — I think I was in first class. I wish we had a GoTrain in Vancouver — I might get to Fort Langley once in a while and so would lots of other people. Thumbs up for the GOTrain and the TTC.

I spoke to approximately 80 kids in a Catholic High School in Oshawa and I was, once again a tad gobbsmacked at how bright and prepared these students are. I love going into the Catholic schools because it reminds me of my school days when I too wore a uniform and didn’t have to worry about clothes. I say this, because today I forgot my good shoes, so I had to go on a Frantic “Transit Mall Shoe-Buying Expedition” at the crack of dawn. At least I’m in Toronto where shoes are important and the day was saved by a nice woman in a little shop in the Bay Centre.

It’s so cold here. I’m sitting in the busiest Starbucks I’ve ever been in (North York Centre) watching pedestrians blow by the window — Isn’t it May?
Tomorrow, I will be at Harbourfront where I will give a class on Webwriting and participate in the White Pine and Festival of Trees Ceremony. I expect not to win, but I am so proud to be one of the nominees – there are not many of us and most of the writers I know, like and admire.

I feel like a winner each and every time a kid tells me how my booked touched a nerve or how much they loved reading it or that they cried — thanks for that — it truly means so much.

And thank you to all of the teacher librarians I’ve met this week who are so passionate about reading and their students. They are modest about what they do, but I think they are changing lives every day…


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One response to “Day 2 Touring Ontario — Oshawa Reading and Talk

  1. Life Addict

    Hey! I was one of the students that you talked to today for White Pine. Just wanted to say how much I loved the book. Even though I was crying at some parts, I liked how it ended with some hope for the future. I’ve been trying to write some stories of my own, Your advice about being nosy and childish will help.


    P.S, Life addict’s my pen name on fanfiction. Maybe you could look and tell me what you think?

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