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Since It’s Play Off Time, I Want to Brag About My Brush With Hockey Fame

Back in the day when it seemed only a dream to be a writer and the kids were small, I worked all sorts of jobs to make cash, but my very favourite one and the one where I got to chat with Don Cherry, Doug Gilmour and other hockey greats was my two seasons working as a waitress at the Maple Leaf Garden’s Hot Stove Club. (1992, 1993). I also worked at the Sky Dome the year the Blue Jays won World Series, but I’m not really a baseball fan and that was really more about money.

Sometimes when I am talking to kids in school about being a writer, I tell them about my “Celebrity Job.” God, I wasn’t a very good waitress but I still made great tips when the Leafs were winning, and thank God, even when they weren’t. We used to sneak out and watch the game when our drink orders and food orders were in.

Truth be told, I grew up in Vancouver with a father who was a die-hard Habs fan. Last night’s game was impossible to watch. Poor Montreal! Still, rest assured Montreal Fans that there are some West Coasters, probably lots, who are routing for you.

I’m a fair-whether fan — Playoffs only, unless I get to go to a game here in Van and I love that for lots or reasons: beer, singing, green men, cheering, Player’s Chop House post game…just going out and having fun.

It's the Best Game in the World

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I’m Home Again

And the very first thing I did was to go to the beach! I thought I’d walk in the door and find my next ms in my email box, but nothing — so I had an excuse to not get to work immediately.

Good to be home!

I’ve got a fair bit of editing to do, and am thankful for all the great suite101 writers who make the process pleasant :). It’s good to be home and I was away for long enough that everyone missed me!

Still, I loved my day at the AGO!

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