Saturday in Val David and the Laurentians

It was another lovely, warm day — around 23 degrees and a soft breeze when I woke up at 6am, feeling rested and more settled – Day 3 and it always takes a while. I love weekends. One of my strategies as a freelancer and novelist is to always take the weekends off from writing. I learned the hard way that without a break, one does burn out. Today, Flavia took me around to the many Vente a Garage in the area and I swear Vancouverites would die if they saw the antiques, the furniture and the paintings up for offer here. I bought a tiny painting and a rouleau a pate made of ceramic with a beautiful stitch pattern – $5.00. I also bought a Bruno Pelletier CD and a Daniel Belanger CD!

Pressback chair - $40, and Check out the large 'clock-radio,

Ou suis je??

After a successful morning of retail therapy we went in search of decent produce, without a lot of luck. I thought the Quebecquois would be as fussy as the west coasters about their fresh food, but apparently not and that is a disappointment. They still package food as if plastic were not a problem and the lettuce all looks to be about a century old…a total bomb for someone like me who lives on salad.

Next stop, the most incredible St. Adolph – a lovely resort town on a curvy lake lined with cottages of every size and description — many for sale or for rent and all so charming.

Ah, the good life

It's All I Need

Quebec traditionally Catholic

We stopped and ate something sinfully fattening at a little cafe before heading back to the Residence for more food and a nap…not bad for a Saturday 🙂

Lake water is silky and cool

Yes. Those things are snowshoes!

La blue de Quebec


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2 responses to “Saturday in Val David and the Laurentians

  1. Hi Julie! I’m enjoying all the written and visual images of your retreat. It looks like a restful and inspiring spot. Are you in any danger of leaving off your current novel (assuming it’s arrived) and starting one set in Quebec?


  2. Hi Jacquie,
    I am in danger of never leaving Quebec!! Seriously though, I truly love it here — the language, the people, the cheese… and this village is very artistic. My ms is not here yet, so I am working on something else, but I don’t really feel I know Quebec well enough (yet) to use it as more than a secondary setting. Perhaps one day that will change. My French gets better daily. I know this residence is accepting applications and I am going to leave my velo for other writers, so if you have a spare week or more, you should not miss the opportunity…
    Thanks for posting,

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