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The 14th annual Great Canadian Literary Hunt

The 14th annual Great Canadian Literary Hunt has begun. For 14 years now This Magazine has surveyed this vast country for the best and brightest in Canadian new fiction and poetry and this year, just to keep things interesting, we’ve added a new category. For the first time, we’ll award a prize for best graphic narrative (think graphic novel, but way shorter). It’s the same great contest you know and love with great cash prizes, plus publication in an issue of This Magazine and exposure to our nationwide readership that includes top publishers, writers and editors.

Past winners of the Great Canadian Literary Hunt have gone on to be recognized at the National Magazine Awards, the Journey Prize, and the Trillium Book Award; many have been published by the top houses in the country and are among the most exciting talent in fiction and poetry today.

You could be next! Just send your entries by July 2, 2010 and join This Magazine’s 44-year tradition of heralding the brightest talents in Canadian letters.Questions? Just email hunt@this or visit here for more information.

The Great Canadian Literary Hunt Rules of Engagement
1. Original, unpublished poems of up to 100 lines, short stories of up to 2,500 words and graphic stories of up to two pages (8”x11”) by Canadian citizens or residents are eligible.
2. Emerging new writers, opposed to well-established authors, are encouraged to participate.
3. First prize in each category is $750 plus publication in a special literary supplement to the Nov/Dec 2010 issue. Second and third prize in each category is a lovely This Magazine prize pack, plus publication in the literary supplement.
4. Entry fees: $25 for one short story, two poems, or one graphic story. Entry fee includes a one-year subscription to This Magazine*. Each additional entry is $5. Entry fees can be paid by Paypal, personal cheque or money order payable to This Magazine.
5. Entrant’s name MUST NOT appear on the submission itself. All entries must be accompanied by a separate cover sheet with entrant’s full name, address, postal code, telephone number, e-mail address, submission title(s) and category.
6. A list of winners will be available at this.org. Mailed manuscripts will not be returned. Winners will be contacted by telephone.
7. Entrants must agree to be bound by the contest rules. Judges’ decisions are final.
8. Entries should be submitted electronically to: hunt@this.org (graphic stories must be submitted in PDF form), or postmarked no later than July 2, 2010 and mailed to: THE GREAT CANADIAN LITERARY HUNT c/o This Magazine, 401 Richmond St. W., Suite 396, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3A8

*This Magazine subscribers will have an additional year added to their subscription term. We’re still finalizing our panel of judges. Previous judges have included Gil Adamson, R.M. Vaughan, Erin Mouré, Christian Bök, Priscila Uppal, Michael Winter, Andrew Pyper and Camilla Gibb—just to name a few. For regular updates on The Great Canadian Literary hunt or more information about This Magazine, visit this.org

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Thunder Showers and Other Natural Wonders

I love this crow...he sits in the dead tree at dusk and scolds the world

This morning when I got up, I turned on my Ipod and the weather person promised 28 degrees, thunderstorms and thunder showers. It seemed a bit schizophrenic, but we’ve had it all today. I was just about to step out the door for my daily walk to Val David (takes about ten minutes), when the sky opened up. It rained, actually poured for a time and now it seems to be calming down again. The air smells so fresh and electric. I don’t know if I should go outside (it’s really warm), or stay in here? The other night the thunder sounded like it was in my room and I couldn’t sleep – I wasn’t so much nervous as enthralled by the whole cacophony.

I don’t know if you can see how black the sky is, but let’s give it a try:

Black trees, black sky

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