Thunder Showers and Other Natural Wonders

I love this crow...he sits in the dead tree at dusk and scolds the world

This morning when I got up, I turned on my Ipod and the weather person promised 28 degrees, thunderstorms and thunder showers. It seemed a bit schizophrenic, but we’ve had it all today. I was just about to step out the door for my daily walk to Val David (takes about ten minutes), when the sky opened up. It rained, actually poured for a time and now it seems to be calming down again. The air smells so fresh and electric. I don’t know if I should go outside (it’s really warm), or stay in here? The other night the thunder sounded like it was in my room and I couldn’t sleep – I wasn’t so much nervous as enthralled by the whole cacophony.

I don’t know if you can see how black the sky is, but let’s give it a try:

Black trees, black sky


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