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Friday in Val David – C’est La Vie

I had such a great day today. I will show it to you in photos, but add that I bought un velo, est il est superb: And at least 40 years old:

Mon Velo

I got my bike at Recycleurs Les Artisans from Stephan Bellefleur and visitors to Val David should check out his store:

Les Artisans Recycleurs

The bike was a bit of a wreck in the morning:

First Viewing - Looks a Bit Rough

But by 4:30 he was like new:

Fresh Start

We went all over Val David together:

Goin' Places!

Not many hills to deal with here. Lots of places to picnic though. I bought some cheese and bread and was happy:

Lupins I think?

Always something to see

Le Riviere Nord

Could this day have been any better? No Way! And tomorrow is market day!!

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