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It’s Pouring and I Want to Go Outside

Very wet Day in the Laurentides

It’s actually been a perfect Sunday, but I did want to go for a walk. However it’s cold and wet and I don’t really have a coat. I thought it was always hot here in spring and summer…this is good though as the rivers are low here in Quebec and need some water. I’ve caught up on all of my suite work, wrote a suite article, napped, ate, baked an apple crisp and read in both French and English…

So, I guess the rain isn’t all that bad…

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Roz Marshall to Visit Vancouver Gallery

Roz Marshall, a well known Canadian artist who now lives in Hawaii, will be in Vancouver from June 8 -17 with a portfolio of new paper pieces. You can contact her for a private viewing at 808 640 1668.

The pieces will also be Omega Gallery, 4290 Dunbar, for 2 days– June 11 and 12–Roz will be in the gallery from 3-6pm each day. Drop in to chat to Roz about her work.

Roz now has her own gallery space in Kona and many international collectors.. You can see her work on Facebook
She also does artistic retreats at her home studio in the state of Hawaii for individuals and small groups.

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