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Twitter is Over Capacity? What does that mean?

Why is the whole world twittering this morning? Did I miss some world news? Since I listen to the news in French and therefore probably make up my own news, I wonder what is going on?

It’s cool and sunny and after I finish my self-taught French Lesson I’m going to bike into Val David and have a coffee. It’s quiet in the town on Mondays – most places closed, but I will find somewhere to read and write.

I think I did hear on the news that BP has spent millions of dollars on advertising and their shareholders. Sadly, I probably did hear that right and I am not surprised.
More later.

June 14th:
According to this blog: Avinistech the Twitter Over Capacity means:

“So basically what does this mean? In simple terms which everyone can understand, it means that its servers are unable to handle the tweets and the traffic generated. This leads you to this page which in technical terms is a 503 error page. As per Wikipedia:

503 Service Unavailable
Server is currently unavailable (because it is overloaded or down for maintenance). Generally, this is a temporary state.

And what is the Fix for it? You can not do anything from your side. Twitter need to improve there infrastructure of servers and bandwidth to handle the growing traffic and users along with the growing number of tweets generated on it.”

Thanks for the explanation!

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