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Me and My Velo – Stuff We Saw Today en Route

What a Day on a Bike

I just hopped on my bike and rode around. I rode to Val Morin then I took a loop around a lake and then back to the bike trail toward St. Agathe…On the way, I ate a croissant, checked out the rock climbing park and went to the village to look at some art. I have more photos, but they take forever to load. Here are a few:

Fallen Angel

This grave belonged to a young kid (19)

Flavia Cosma at the Romanian Gate Val David

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June 6th – World Oceans Day

Today is World Ocean’s Day. When I woke up, my thoughts, like so many others turned to the Gulf and the BP Oil Spew (leak, I think, might be too tame a word to describe the thousands of barrels of oil spewing out of the ocean floor).

I saw a photo (I think in La Presse) but I’m not sure that continues to haunt me: a brown pelican being pulled from the sludge completely and utterly covered in thick coat of oil. He was terror-stricken and it made me sick to the stomach. This cannot be allowed to happen again. Little changes can make a difference. Do you really need to drive two blocks to the store? Don’t want to turn this into a rant…
Celebrate World Ocean Day by doing something proactive. Here are some suggestions big and small:
-The Ocean Projects asks that you wear blue and tell two to celebrate.
– Get outside and walk, bus or ride your bike
-Let your local and federal politicians know your thoughts on Off Shore Drilling – send an email or a letter
-Don’t buy fish/shellfish that have not been harvested in a sustainable way. Ask restaurants and stores before you order or buy seafood and then vote with your feet and your wallet.
-If you live near a beach or have a boat, go play on the ocean.
-Talk to people about the ocean

What a sad day in so many ways. In Japan, the movie “The Cove” has been banned. In the Gulf, marine mammals and creatures large and small continue to be poisoned by oil, and somewhere in the middle of the ocean an toxic plastic island claims victims every day. The Japanese continue to slaughter 100s of whales every year and sustainable fishing practices are in the fledgling stage.

Let’s change this! Start today on World Ocean’s Day.

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