Brown Pelican Drawing: Olivia Bouler Makes a Difference

The Audubon Society sends me weekly emails with updates on the terrible Oil Spill in the Gulf. I get these because I have volunteered to help out in whatever way I can.

I am a bit late in posting this one as I was travelling, but I was very intrigued to read about this young artist/activist who is doing her bit to make things better for the wildlife in the Gulf who have been so adversely impacted by the spill.

I think you will be too. Who says we can’t make a difference?

Inspiration and Support from a Young Conservationist

Olivia is eleven-years-old!

You can find her on Facebook at Save the Gulf: Olivia’s Bird Illustrations.

Olivia Bouler is a young and talented artist. When Olivia first heard about the leaking oil, her family helped her reach out to Audubon, asking what she could do to help.

From that conversation, she got the idea to use her artistic talent to create original watercolor images for anyone willing to donate money to an organization that provides wildlife disaster relief, such as Audubon. Since then, people across the nation and even around the globe have gotten to know Olivia’s work, thanks to a special AOL promotion and appearances on national television — and the support she has generated has risen even faster than her fame.

Visit Olivia’s AOL Artist Page.

See her on the CBS News
Thank you Olivia for making such a big difference and bringing this story to so many people.


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